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Christi has been a life saver for myself and my family. You always hear about "Healers" but most of them are that only in title...Dr. Alsop is the real deal. I no 

longer deal with severe allergies that used to be chronic and year round. She has 

helped my entire family become healthier and stronger for the last 16 years! I truly believe she is one of a kind and a true testament to the Oriental Medicine Community.


~Krista Wester


Christie has "the gift of healing" as well as the positive personality. After years of 

allergy shots she helped me transfer from shots to Chinese herbs and cure. On other occasions there was immediate relief with bronchial problems. I have since moved to Colorado from Santa Fe, but have gone back to Christie when in Santa Fe for advice and help with neuropathy.


~Jacqulyn Rolstad

  Estes Park, CO

Dr. Alsop has provided acupuncture services to my 

son in a caring and nurturing manner for over four 

years, addressing issues related to his premature 

birth. I attribute much of his success to her 

thoughtful interventions to health issues through 

acupuncture and herbs, and to her guidance on 

developmental phases from newborn to preschool. 

My son loves his visits to Dr. Christi!


~ Kristin Jones

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